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DomeShelter Australia Bulk Storage Shelter

Nyrstar are the world’s leading manufacturer of zinc, also specialising in lead and other metals, with a history spanning over 150 years. 

Nyrstar Australia’s Hobart smelter in Tasmania has been in operation for more than 100 years. A team of over 600 people works at the Hobart facility to help deliver zinc metal to global markets.     

Part of their smelting operations involves processing large quantities of raw bulk materials. This material needed a dedicated storage space, large enough for heavy machinery to operate unobstructed and pile mixing to take place easily. The storage solution also needed to be sufficiently enclosed to protect nearby communities and reserves from excessive dust pollution. 

Bulk Storage Fabric Shelter

Fabric Structures are uniquely beneficial for bulk material storage; they are able to fulfil extremely large size profiles while maintaining a clear-span interior and lead time significantly shorter than traditional steel sheds. Unlike steel sheds, even very large Fabric Shelters are easily relocatable and can be installed with measures such as external ballast that keep ground disruption and environmental impact to a minimum. 

The sea containers used to mount the Shelter allow for material to be pushed against the walls to optimise storage space, without concerns about damaging the Structure. The Shelter is large enough for heavy machinery to operate within, allowing for efficient and safe mixing of materials in all weather conditions. 

DomeShelter Australia designed and manufactured a bulk material processing facility, consisting of a 25m Wide x 51.25m Long Shelter mounted on double-stacked sea containers for tall height clearance. The Shelter has customised Endwalls – one container-supported and the other a full Endwall – to fully enclose it for optimised dust control. Despite its large size, the Shelter was delivered and installed within 12 weeks. Ballast inside the sea containers was used to hold down the Structure, ensuring that it could be moved in the future if required without causing severe disruption to the ground or area around it.  

Bulk Storage Fabric Shelter

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