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It’s Bobby from DomeShelter Australia. A common question we get from our clients, can we supply the sea containers? So DomeShelter Australia, obviously the specialist in Fabric Structures. So when it comes to supplying ancillary items, we do generally recommend talking to the specialists or experts in those fields.

However, to make it more convenient for you the client and simplify the procurement process, we can package that into one with the Shelter and other items.

In the case of you requiring modified sea containers, including roller doors or internal fit out, this is when we highly recommend talking to the container experts. They know what they’re talking about when it comes to this, and we’re happy to integrate our processes at DomeShelter Australia with your preferred container supplier and this will help deliver a more streamlined project.

In the case you need some direction on who to talk to, you’re welcome to contact DomeShelter Australia. We’d be happy to provide some options.

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