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It’s Bobby from DomeShelter Australia. One of the common questions we get here are what are the different colour options with the fabric and how do these compare in pricing?

So, DomeShelter Australia has chosen to use a polyethylene material, 400 grams per square meter. And this is because of the high quality in manufacturing but also proven against UV rays and performance. So the colour options with the fabric are white, silver, green and beige. DomeShelter Australia’s go-to colour is white and white. That means white on both sides, and this provides a semi translucent material allowing for or providing a great atmosphere and environment underneath in regards to natural light. The way to block that out, some clients need that eliminated, so that’s when we use white on the outside and silver on the underside.

Other options also include green. And this is most commonly used for blending in with the environment around. So the white is by far the most common colour due to its performance. However, there are obviously a lot of other colours out there in the market and we can look at them in a case by case basis for you. However, these do generally attract a higher price.

We are the Fabric Shelter specialists, so any more questions around these, reach out to us and we’re happy to help.

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