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DomeShelter™ Container Mounted model example

We work with companies that operate in some of the world’s most remote and hostile locations, designing shelter solutions that protect people & assets from the elements. For those in the mining and resources sector, creating a remote light vehicle workshop (LVW) using a genuine DomeShelter™ kit is the most simple, quickest and effective option.

This July, we’re proud to announce the release of DomeShelter™ Light Vehicle Workshop arrangements, designed in collaboration with our industry partners and now available globally.

A new DomeShelter™ LVW Range is the perfect place for light trucks, mobile drill rigs, HIAB trucks, smaller dozers, diggers and semi-trailers.

If you’ve been searching for a Light Vehicle Workshop solution for remote operations that can be installed in days – not months – this could be just what you’re after. Here are four key reasons why:

Dramatically Reduce Downtime

Most companies understand the implications of downtime. Whether it is for a setup of a new operation, or production has stopped while repairs are carried out, not having machinery, tools and people functioning at their highest capacity costs businesses billions every year.

Light Vehicle Workshops serve this purpose in more than one way. Installation time can be a matter of days depending on the size. This allows operations to progress as normal within no time, reducing downtime costs, labour costs, delivery, and travel costs of contractors significantly.

Secondly, having safe and protective workshops to store machinery not only increases the longevity of those assets, but gives your people a compound to conduct repairs and maintenance, without being exposed to extreme heat, winds, and rain. Looking after our people and assets are essential to productivity.

LV2 2

A Light Vehicle Workshop that’s easy to install and relocate

Your DomeShelter™ Light Vehicle Workshop arrives packed in sturdy stillages ready for installation on sea containers or other sub-structure. Using our comprehensive easy-to-follow instructions, your Shelter kit can be quickly installed by your own on-site crew, contractors or construction partners.

When it’s time to move or end your contract, minimal remediation is required. Disassembly is even faster than installation, allowing the workshop site to be reasonably moved multiple times if needed, transferred to a new location, or sold on the pre-used market.

Weather protection and secure storage built-in

If shipping containers are utilised as sub-structure to your LVW they will double as secure storage space for tools, generators and small machinery storage. As well as the sheltered area beneath the main structure, the containers offer additional covered workspace that can be converted with workbenches, secure storage and connected with power, for example.

With thought to the orientation of your LVW, workers will be able to maximise the sheltered time of the working day while allowing for airflow through the space. Unlike steel sheds that become oven-like during the heat of the day, the rugged Armourtex™ fabric cover significantly reduces the radiant transfer of heat. The highly developed UV properties used in DomeShelter™ LVW is proven to withstand harsh extreme heat conditions of the most adverse environments in the world. 

If required, the ends of a DomeShelter™ solution can be partially or fully enclosed for additional weather protection and security.

Made in Australia to ISO standards and backed by a 10-year warranty.

An LVW that’s cheaper than a shed and just as effective

The bottom line? A DomeShelter™ LVW is better for your bottom line, your equipment and your people. DomeShelter™ Light Vehicle Workshops are more simple, quicker, and more effective!

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