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Air Defence aerial site for shelters in defence | DomeShelter

As the global strategic environment rapidly advances, Australia has committed a record 270 million dollar investment into the Defence Industry in the 2022 budget; testimony to the Government’s commitment to developing a “resilient and internationally competitive defence industrial base.” (Defence Industry).

With 25 years of experience working in high compliance sites, namely; mining, oil and gas, and a developing presence in the Defence and Aerospace industries, DomeShelter Australia offers Australian Made Shelter Solutions that provide much-needed protection for the people and assets within the Defence Industry.

What DomeShelter™ Structures are perfect for: 

Due to the quality and compliance standards that our structures adhere to, Fabric Covered Structures become a perfect solution for a variety of Defence needs:

Fast Deployable Maintenance Bays

With fast and easy installation, DomeShelter™ Structures are ideal for maintenance bays on Defence equipment. They can be set up in various locations to protect people and assets while performing maintenance and repairs.

Fast Deployable Maintenance Bays providing a solution for shelters in defence






Vehicle and Asset Protection

Ideal for installation in remote locations, Fabric covered structures provide protection over your vehicles and assets for storage, maintenance and other works.

shelter in defence protecting vehicle and assets







Minimalistic and cost-effective, the igloo-shaped structure is an ideal solution for aircraft hangers.

Hangers an ideal solution for shelters in defence







Having your people working out in the elements can triple production time, and Fabric Covered shelters provide a safe, easy to install solution quickly and efficiently.

inside warehousing domeshelter for defence






Quickly Deployed Airbases

With the option of green hot-dip galvanized steel structures and green fabric skins, Fabric Shelters are an incredibly cost-effective option for airbases, particularly in remote locations.

Air bases with planes for shelters in defence






Emergency Response Facilities

Small structures can be installed in less than a day, and are perfect for quick assembly in urgent response needs.

inside a shelter used for emergency services room






So much more…

With a dedicated design and engineering team, DomeShelter Australia prides itself in working closely alongside clients, to design facilities that are fit for purpose.

Why DomeShelter Australia is committed to protecting Australia: 

DomeShelter Logic™ is what makes us unique.

It’s the result of 25 years of industry experience and product development, along with in-house manufacturing, that ensures the compatibility between the ultra-durable fabric cover and the strength of the steel frame.

Every element of our product is creatively designed and engineered, to create this non-permanent, modular and relocatable solution.

DomeShelter Logic™ is 6 elements that make up our designs:


We custom design your solution with project engineers to assure that it’s the right fit for purpose.


Really this speaks for itself!


It’s a new word – speaking to the smart fabrication detailing that goes into every element of the design to ensure its fit for purpose, cost-effective and the integrity in quality is impeccable.

Ease of Installation and Portability

Each element is designed a certain way or size to make the install and portability as easy as possible.

Engineering Efficiencies

We work closely with engineers and designers to ensure you’re getting more for less.


It looks good too!

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