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Industrial Fabric Shelters are composed of durable fabric tarp stretched over a curved roof structure, which is then mounted on a substructure – typically shipping containers or steel posts. 

We often receive queries from customers with spare shipping containers or even spare steel posts already on site, who are wondering whether these can be utilised as substructures for one of our DomeShelter™ Structures.  

This article will explain our recommendations when sourcing your own substructures, and how this may affect your buying journey. 

gold fields mine site fabric container shelter

Can I Use My Own Containers? 

We most often receive enquiries from clients with their own shipping containers, that they wish to utilise as substructures for a Fabric Shelter.  

Making use of spare containers onsite is a great time and cost-saving option for clients, and we are happy to accommodate in that scenario.  

Most shipping containers can be utilised for Fabric Structures – a DomeShelter™ Consultant can make analyses on a case-by-case basis to best inform you regarding the specific containers you may have available. Providing as much detail as you can regarding your containers, including photos when possible, will help our team design the optimal Shelter to suit what you have on hand. 

All ISO Shipping Containers – those whose dimensions are regulated by the International Standards Organization (ISO) – can be easily taken into account for Fabric Shelter orders. Their standard sizing means it is easy for our team to know the exact dimensions to accommodate in the design of the roof structure. 

It’s vital you mention any existing or potential future modifications to any ISO shelters for engineering purposes, as these will have to be considered during the design process. 

Can You Supply Containers? 

Substructures are not a standard inclusion in our Shelter kits, but we are able to source them on behalf of clients and package the cost into their kit. 

We do recommend that clients who do not have containers readily available source them directly with a specialist supplier. This provides the advantages of direct communication with the supplier, which is especially helpful when modifications are required. 

We have an existing article that discusses different options when sourcing containers and how DomeShelter Australia can help – you can find that here. 

Completed DomeShelter at Maffra Ag Show

Can I Use My Own Posts? 

We generally do not recommend the client use their own posts for Fabric Shelters.  

In regards to Post Mounted DomeShelter™ Structures, the posts are designed as part of the Structure in accordance with engineering and Wind Code standards and are included as part of the Shelter kit. 

Designing the posts as part of a Shelter Kit also means DomeShelter’s in-house design and engineering team are able to optimise the footing options for that Shelter. 

If clients want to proceed with their own posts, DomeShelter Australia cannot guarantee the performance of the Shelter and are thus unable to provide a warranty. 

If clients choose to use their own posts, providing as much information as possible about the posts you plan on using – height, width, material etc. – will help the DomeShelterteam design the best connection details to suit. DomeShelter Australia can design and manufacture brackets to make connecting the roof structure to the clients’ own posts as seamless and durable as possible.

Get In Contact 

If you have existing containers or posts on your worksite and are looking to utilise these for a Fabric Shelter, an experienced DomeShelter™ Consultant can discuss the options advise you on next steps. 

Visit our contact page or call 1300 193 188 direct to speak to a member of the team today. 

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