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A frequent enquiry our sales team receives is whether we hire out our Fabric Shelters for temporary or medium-term projects. 

Shelter hire is an effective option for projects with a fixed end-date and clients who would prefer to return the Shelter at the completion of their contract, rather than worry about storing/reselling the Shelter. 

DomeShelter Australia typically sells new, Fit-For-Purpose Fabric Shelters, designed and engineered to each client’s specifications. There are a range of companies that may be more experienced or suited to hiring, such as Axis or Coates. That said, we do offer special terms for hiring, for customers who may require that service. 

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Hire a Shelter 

Our hire offer outlines that you have a commitment to return the Shelter upon end of use. This is beneficial for clients who have a clearly defined term of use and/or don’t want the capital purchase at the end of their project. 

Hire costs can be built into project costs, while saving storage and/or disposal costs at the close-out of the project. Depending on the location and duration of the project, add-ons such as containers, installation and removal may also be available to add to the overall hire package. 

Due to the nature of DomeShelter Australia’s business model, and the fact hiring is not a common practice for our customers, we generally only consider hire requests that are longer than 12 months. Any shorter than this is unlikely to be a cost-effective option, however our friendly team is more than happy to discuss your unique circumstances to gauge what the best arrangement may be for your needs. 

One important consideration is that DomeShelter™ Structures have very good resale value, and past clients will typically resell their Shelter if it’s not required at the end of the project. This is an effective option we urge customers to consider when hiring isn’t viable. Most commonly, however, our clients will dismantle and pack up their Shelters for relocation to the next site, to optimise use of their Shelter across different projects. 

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Hire to Buy 

‘Hire to Buy’ is another option we offer for those clients who may need it; it is perfect for clients who aren’t in a position to pay the upfront capital cost, but would ideally like to keep the Shelter at the end of their project. 

‘Hire to Buy’ essentially refers to a 12-36 month operational lease provided by a finance company. As part of this arrangement, the DomeShelter™ Structure is paid for in installments, and is owned by the client upon payment of the last installment.  

This is also beneficial for clients who have low capital budgets for their individual projects, but have available funds in their operational budgets. Once the Shelter is fully owned by the company it can be used continuously throughout future project tenures. 

This can be arranged on a case-by-case basis following consultations with our experienced team. 

Get in Touch 

If you are seeking a durable industrial Fabric Shelter for use on a current or future worksite, but do not wish to own the Shelter at completion of your project, or are unable to meet upfront capital costs, get in touch with our friendly team to discuss options that could best suit your needs. 

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