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My name’s Brett Ozanne, I’m modifications manager at Sea Containers WA here in Kwinana Beach. Sea Containers WA has been running for 9 years now, we’re a West Australian owned business, we specialise in container hire, sales, modifications. We cover everything from your standard containers through to your refrigerated and offshore containers. Specialised equipment is also a specialty of ours and we can source any equipment you require.

We’ve been using DomeShelters with our products now for probably four or five years, very popular product, works very well with our products as well so modifications, gives us an instant sort of covered area, very popular with the workshops and storage options that we offer as well, so. Very good product and very popular with our customers.

Well personally we have two workshops here at Sea Containers, our main workshop is an 18 by 21 metre DomeShelter, it’s been in position now for just over three years and it’s still in tip-top shape. Gives us a very good option because we can move it later, we don’t intend on being in this depot forever so for us it’s a perfect solution.

All our customers, DomeShelter is the first option for us as far as a temporary Shelter, main reason being is that it has proven reliability, proven quality, West Australian manufactured product, so that’s the kind of product we like to support.

DomeShelters are a perfect solution for a fast, easily relocatable roofing option, DomeShelter Australia is a reputable Australian business, West-Australian owned business, very good quality product, well maunfactured, long lasting and cost effective.

We will always use DomeShelter Australia, I mean it works perfectly with our product, lots of synergies, anything we can upsell to help sell our product we’re a big fan of and in this case it’s a perfect solution.

Sea Containers WA is an ever expanding, constantly evolving business, we’re always looking at new products, new product lines, new ways to offer containerised solutions to our customers, we specialise in customer service and quality, they’re the two main focuses for us at Sea Containers and moving forward that will be our continued focus.

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