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Hi, my name is Mark McEwan and I’m the design engineer at DomeShelter Australia. One of the questions that comes up regularly is how easy is it to install a DomeShelter?

Our standard models off the shelf can be done in about a two day time frame, ones with Endwalls would take within probably 3 to 4 days. They come with comprehensive instructions all ready to either be built by yourself or by one of your inducted teams on site. Otherwise you can have a chat with us about arranging install. If you do decide to use one of your own teams or decide to construct these by yourself and you come across a few queries along the way, we’re always free to take any calls. We’ve got a team here that’s available by either email or phone, and they can walk you through some of the steps. They come with comprehensive instructions with photos and they’ve been built specifically around your project, so makes it easy to follow along. In fact, some guys even choose to jump ahead and build themselves without them.

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