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Yeah, my name’s Terry Miskimmim, I’m the director of Fremantle Timber Traders, we’re basically a recycled reclaimed timber company, been doing it for 35 years, saving a lot of timber that gets wasted and crunched up, a lot of trees that are getting bulldozed down and crunched, a lot of timber gets demolished and crunched, so we basically save it, bring it back here, prepare it and value add it, turn it int useful and beautiful product.

There’s a range, we sell from you know the retired person who’s doing something in his shed to keep busy to overseas people, builders/developers, we did 8 truckloads of timber from the Saint Mary’s Cathedral when that was all updone a few years ago, we processed all that to reuse in the building, we do decking timbers, huge range of stuff.

We were looking to cover this outside area up here for the winter and I googled a few and talked to two or three people, and DomeShelter were the most polite and helpful, they had a good warranty, and the main other competition weren’t very interested in being helpful or anything, so I thought these guys are the ones to go with, so we worked out a price and now as you can see it’s brilliant, it keeps all the weather off our timber, and we’re looking for another one to put down here to keep the rest of the weather out.

We’ve done that for easy storage, they’re open-top containers, we just laid them on their side so we can put our timber inside them, yeah that’s a very simple solution to create a big usable space very quickly and reasonably economically.

I think the price is fairly similar to the competition, but the service is a lot better, and the quality seemed really reall good, so that’s sort of what won us over. Price isn’t always the top thing, if you’re not happy with someone you don’t want to deal with them, even if they’re a little bit cheaper you may go the other way.

It’s got a 10-year guarantee, it’s cyclone rated, being down by the coast of Fremantle we wanted that, it’s locally made it’s not imported, that’s important for us we like having local jobs, so those are the main sort of points. Also you get something up quickly, and it’s moveable so if you need to move, you’re at a rented location or something, it’s good value cause you can put it up, it doesn’t cost much, and you can put it down and move it.

DomeShelter do this all the time, I’m a great believer that if you do something all the time you’re going to probably do it more efficiently and safely than those who haven’t done it before, you know?

A lot of people admire the dome when they come here, and especially in the summer it feels about 10 degrees cooler when you walk inside there, so it’s excellent, about our business we’re basically environmental warriors in a little way, we’ve probably saved forests and forests over 35 years of recycling and reclaimed logs that would otherwise get wasted, so that’s what we’re about.

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