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abra base metals mine site core sample testing shelter

Exploration is used in mining to prove the viability of a new mine. It doesn’t make sense to begin mining operations in a mineral-poor area, so the strategists rely on the good results from the geologists before committing time and money to a project.    

Core samples are essential for discovering what is beneath the surface at mine sites. It is especially important for underground mines, as the safety and integrity of the underground environment depends on knowing exactly where faults and other weaknesses in the surrounding rock are.  

They help ascertain if an area is worth mining, what minerals are abundant at the site, and what obstacles may be met if exploration continues. Geochemical analysis of samples increases discovery success rates, identify drill targets quickly and decide where to focus on the grid.  

Core sampling has come to be recognised as an important source of data, so more attention and care is being put on preventing damage to the core during various stages of transportation and analysis. Careful storage is critical for core sampling to be effective. 

Fabric Shelters for Core Sample Areas 

DomeShelter Australia has provided many mining companies with durable, Fit-For-Purpose DomeShelter™ Fabric Structures for use as core sample testing and storage facilities. 

Fabric Shelters are ideal for Core Sample Collection/Storage facilities due to their highly customisable nature. Even extremely large and wide-span Fabric Shelters do not require internal support poles, resulting in an obstruction-free internal space, perfect for racking and rollers and other related infrastructure that is often utilised for Core Sample collection. 

In the case of Container Mounted Structures, the shipping containers can be fitted out and utilised as office or storage space, or even core cutting facilities, giving further versatility to the structure. 

Fabric Shelters are made using translucent tarp that allows natural light to enter, resulting in an evenly-lit internal environment, which ultimately makes the space safer and more pleasant to work in. 

The entire structure can be fully sealed by adding Endwalls, or left open for increased ventiliation. Fabric Structures are generally better suited to mine sites, due to their short lead-time and efficient installation. They are also classified as temporary structures, and the entire Shelter can be easily packed away and removed when no longer required, making site rehabilitation easier. 

DomeShelter Australia’s Past Core Shelter Projects 

abra base metals core testing facility fabric structure

Abra Base Metals: 19m wide x 24.4m long Free-standing DomeShelter Structure with partial rear Endwall, protecting workspaces as well as a number of portable buildings.

core sample drill sample testing

Siverlake Resources: 12m wide x 18.3m long Container Mounted DomeShelter Structure with partial rear Endwall 

core sample testing facility shelter

IGO: 15m wide x 18.3m long Container Mounted DomeShelter Structure with partial rear Endwall

core sample tray shelter

Minjar Gold – 12m wide x 60m long Free-Standing DomeShelter Structure with full Endwall on one end

Get in Touch  

DomeShelter Australia are the leading supplier of durable Fabric Structures, with over 25 years experience designing and manufacturing Fit-For-Purpose Shelter Solutions for clients both within Australia and globally. 

Every DomeShelter™ Structure adheres to the strictest Australian engineering standards. Our manufacturing and management systems are internationally audited and certified to ISO9001 and ISO45001 standards. DomeShelter™ Structures can withstand up to Australian Wind Region D – Cyclonic winds.  

With decades of past experience suppling Fit-For-Purpose Fabric Structures for use as core sample facilities/core farms, the DomeShelter™ Team is happy to answer any questions and assist you in obtaining a Shelter that is perfectly suited to your project. 

Try our free 3D Design Tool to explore the different size and configurations available, or get in touch directly! 

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