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Snowy Hydro Hunter Power Retractable Roof Dome Shelter

Snowy Hydro’s Hunter Power Project involves the construction of a 660MW power generation plant, which will generate energy with two heavy-duty “F Class” open cycle gas turbines.  

A key part of this project is the assembly and reassembly of huge gas-fired turbines. The assembly of about one million parts per turbine is being done with high precision and a fine tolerance of 0.02mm, which is the smallest dimension that the human eye can resolve. 

This is critical work that requires a great deal of care and consideration to ensure safe and effective completion. 

End-to-end engineering and services provider UGL is the principal contractor for the construction of the Hunter Power Project.  

They sought a highly customised, temporary Shelter Solution to protect the high-value turbines against damage and contamination while assembly work is conducted. 

Project scope was extensive to fulfil UGL’s needs, including tall height clearance and the ability to relocate to future construction sites for optimum ROI. Key to an effective solution was the potential for a retractable roof system, to allow the turbines to be craned in and out easily, to further reduce the potential for damage during movement and still allow the Shelter to be fully enclosed while work is carried out. 

Snowy Hydro Construction Site Turbines

DomeShelter Australia has been trusted by UGL for many years to deliver a range of Fabric Shelter Solutions to projects across Australia. The DomeShelter™ Team worked closely with UGL’s team to deliver a Solution that would fit their complex requirements 

Two highly Fit-For-Purpose, combination mounted DomeShelter™ Structures were designed and manufactured, both 18m wide by 41.8m long. With total heights of almost 10 metres, and large curtain doors built into each Endwall, they easily accommodate the entry of large equipment. Like all DomeShelter™ Structures, they can be moved between sites and continually reused, thanks to their modular design and low-impact footing systems.  

The biggest challenge and element of this project was the Shelter’s roofs, which are split into 2 sections and mounted onto motorised rolling systems, allowing for them to be retracted to assist with craning the turbines in and out as needed. 

Retractable Roof Custom Dome Fabric Shelter UGL Construction Snowy Hydro

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