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Abuja Nigeria DomeShelter Fabric Shelter roof

The Capital Hub is one of the leading shopping malls in Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja. Managed by Gallarz Investments, it features 80 retail stores, 10 executive offices, a cinema and entertainment centre, & more. 

Gallarz Investments sought a Roof Structure to cover the mall’s internal courtyard/food court, and protect patrons from the harsh elements throughout the year; Nigeria has a hot tropical climate, with a monsoon season that typically lasts over 6 months. 

This was a highly complex project, requiring the Roof Structure to be attached to an existing 5-storey building. 

Fabric Shelter Africa Nigeria

Gallarz decided to invest in a DomeShelter™ Structure to fulfil their needs. A Fabric Shelter, made using heavy-duty, translucent Fabric Tarp, allows for transmission of sunlight during the day, filling the food court area with bright natural light, saving on energy costs and improving aesthetics. DomeShelter Australia’s ISO-certified processes and agile manufacturing capabilities mean that even complex orders can be manufactured and delivered from Western Australia to African countries in just a few short months. 

More importantly, DomeShelter Australia’s dedicated International Projects team and experienced in-house engineering capabilities ensured that a trustworthy, durable solution would be provided. A comprehensive, Fit-For-Purpose project approach meant for a Shelter Solution that balances all the needs of this complex project. A custom mounting solution was developed to ensure optimum safety and full compliance.  

The Capital Hub’s DomeShelter™ Structure now protects patrons and assets from the harmful effects of the elements, allowing for events to be held in the courtyard year-round. 

DomeShelter Africa Nigeria The Capital Hub Abuja

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