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Dome Fabric Shelter roof on a multi-storey building at night

When it comes to adding extra shelter or expanding existing structures, DomeShelter™ Structures offer a versatile solution. In certain situations, it is possible to attach a DomeShelter™ Structure to an existing building, providing additional covered space and protection from the elements.  

Before undertaking such a project, a thorough assessment of the existing structure’s capability is crucial to ensure it can handle the additional loads and reactions from the DomeShelter™ Structure. In this article, we will discuss what you need to consider before deciding to attach a Fabric Structure to an existing building, and look at some examples of previous DomeShelter™ projects where an existing building was utilised. 

Can I Attach a Fabric Structure to an Existing Building? 

In some instances, DomeShelter™ Structures can be installed on or attached to an existing building or structure. However, we advise that full assessment of the existing/other structure is done to ensure it is capable of the additional loads/reactions imposed from the DomeShelter™ Roof Structure. 

To ensure structural integrity and safety, it is recommended that the client engage a local structural engineer who can review the existing structure, or have the engineers who designed the existing/original structure do an analysis. 

Our internal engineering team would do some preliminary work to provide details about a prospective DomeShelter™ Structure, such as forces applicable etc. This information would then be handed on to be used by the clients’ own engineers to check the existing building. 

Fabric Shelter Attached to a Building

What Can a DomeShelter™ Structure be Attached To? 

DomeShelter Australia has completed a number of Fit-For-Purpose projects in the past where a DomeShelter™ Structure was attached to an existing building. This has included a variety of building types, including: 

  • Steel sheds 
  • Concrete walled buildings 
  • Tops of shopping centres/buildings 
  • Aircraft carriers/ships & barges 
  • Oil rigs 
  • Sides of tilt-panel walled offices 
  • Wharf piers 

Attachment methods to existing Structures can be quite complex, so a custom approach is needed to ensure a strong connection. Connecting to a modified container or steel shed may require welding brackets to support the DomeShelter™ Structure’s arches, whereas bolt-able plates may be needed to fix to concrete walls, etc. 

The Capital Hub DomeShelter Structure Attached to Building

Engineering Requirements for Fabric Shelters 

It is important to get a full analysis done to check the structural integrity of the existing structure before installing any additional shelter structure as doing so increases the loads imposed on the buildings. A lot of buildings may appear strong enough, but in reality they may not be. Not getting an engineer to assess this could result in failure of the structure; this can lead to damaged equipment, injury or loss of human life. 

DomeShelter™ Structures Mounted on/to Buildings: Case Studies 

DomeShelter Australia have completed a number of past projects where DomeShelterStructures were attached to existing buildings.  

A few years ago, a 21m wide by 32m long Truss DomeShelter™ Structure was manufactured for Gallarz Investments, to be added to a shopping centre in Nigeria.  

Fabric Shelter Attached to a Building

This was an extremely complex project, with the DomeShelter™ Structure mounted onto a five-storey building. The DomeShelter™ Structure provides protection from the elements to create a covered internal courtyard where events can be held. 

Another project for Proquip in Kewdale saw a 17m wide by 12.2m long DomeShelter™ Structure mounted on double-stacked containers on one side and attached to the side of an existing concrete building on the other. 

Fabric Shelter Attached to Building

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