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fully engineered mine site container dome shelters

Every DomeShelter™ Structure is fully engineered by our experienced in-house team, to ensure we are upholding our promise to safety. We offer different types of engineering to suit each project – the one most commonly referenced is ‘Site Specific Engineering’. 

Clients will sometimes ask for clarification about what ‘Site Specific Engineering’ is and whether or not it is required with their purchase. This article explains Site Specific Engineering and who might require it for their Fabric Shelter project. 

What Is Site Specific Engineering? 

Site-specific engineering is signed by one of our in-house engineers and shows the hold-down and/or ballast requirements for your chosen Shelter design, as well as showing the reactions and forces applicable. It is specific to the exact location your DomeShelter™ Structure will be situated in, taking into account Wind Region, Terrain Category and Importance Levels for that specific structure. 

Site Specific Engineering Certification is generally used for any council approvals, or for any high compliance sites. We can often provide generic engineering free of charge for standard models, which will give an indication of hold down requirements, however this will not be signed off by the engineer for your specific site location. 

container shelter engineering

Do I Need Site Specific Engineering? 

Site specific engineering is not required for every customer and is available as an optional add-on at the client’s discretion. 

Anyone on a High Compliance Site, or looking to submit plans to their local council for building approval, will likely require an Engineering Certification. It is also recommended that anyone looking to have their Fabric Structure in the same location for an extend period of time (on a ‘permanent’ basis) should consider Site Specific Engineering, to ensure the Shelter is comprehensively designed to withstand conditions in that specific area. 

There isn’t necessarily any rule dictating that a person must have Site Specific Engineering Certification (SSEC) with their Shelter purchase, and requirement is on a case-by-case basis depending on the customer. If a civil contractor is working on the Structure, SSEC provides the detailed drawings they will usually request to work from. Mine sites are high compliance with strict safety requirements and will almost always require SSEC before allowing a Structure to be installed on site. 

fabric container dome shelters

Do You Offer Different Kinds of Engineering? 

We can offer generic engineering with many of our standard models; this is free of charge but is not site specific. It is only based on general site conditions for the broader wind region area.

Our SSEC is signed by an in-house engineer and includes the relevant information for the Shelter’s specific wind region, site, and configuration. 

Footing designs are their own separate engineering add-on that comes at an additional cost. The fee for this is negotiated on a case-by-case basis depending on the requirements of the specific structure. 

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