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Agricultural Fabric Shelter

Alongside typical inquiries about our Fabric Shelter Kits, a frequent request we receive is from customers who are after a replacement tarp for an existing Shelter, or wanting to purchase a roll of tarp for other applications.   

This article explains the process of acquiring a replacement cover, or just our fabric tarp, without purchasing a full Shelter Kit. 

DomeShelter™ Structure Replacement Tarp 

If you own a pre-existing DomeShelter™ Structure and need a replacement cover, the process is simple. If you have the job number or can find it on your Shelter, we can find the plans on our end and manufacture a new tarp to the exact specifications you need. 

Supplying as many images as you can will also help us supply an appropriate replacement tarp, in the event that modifications have been made to the Shelter that need to be accounted for. 

In the event of minor damage, such as a small tear, we can provide repair kits that allow you to fix the issue and continue to utilise your existing tarp. This can help save time and money, while also reducing waste. 

DomeShelter™ Structures are built to be Tough as the Elements® – a new tarp every 10-20 years can help extend the lifetime of your Shelter. 

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Imported/Non-DomeShelter™ Replacement Cover

If you’re after a replacement tarp for a frame that was not manufactured by DomeShelter Australia, the qualifying process is slightly more complex. Our team will ask a series of questions in order to give advice on whether the Structure is appropriately durable for our tarp. These questions will include: 

  • How old is the frame? 
  • Is the Structure providing ultimate safety on-site? 
  • Is the Shelter properly engineered? 

Ultimately, our ability to supply replacement tarps for non-DomeShelter structures will depend on what structural state the frame is in.  

If the structure is too weak, or manufactured using inappropriate materials, it may not hold up our tarp.  

While we will provide a replacement tarp on most Shelter Structures, we can not provide any warranty with the tarp, and hold no responsibility if the structure fails in the future.  

To provide a replacement tarp for an imported shelter, we will need extremely accurate frame measurements and thorough images, to ensure the tarp we supply will properly fit the structure. 

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Tarp for Something Other Than a Fabric Shelter 

We do occasionally receive inquiries from customers who are seeking high-quality tarps for applications other than Fabric Structures.  

We specialise in durable Fabric Structures, and prefer not to deviate from this area. For clients seeking just a high-quality tarp, we will generally refer them to experts who specialise in that area who can better serve their needs. 

How Can I Request a Replacement Cover? 

To proceed in requesting a DomeShelter™ tarp replacement, you can find an inquiry form here. Once the information is accurately filled in, the form can be passed on to our team, and a DomeShelter™ Specialist will be in contact to begin the process. 

If you have any questions, visit our contact page to get in touch with the team directly. 

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