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fabric container shelter dual bay workshop dozer

The Westrac team love working under their twin bay DomeShelter™ Workshop, which offers protection from the elements and a comfortable work environment.

One of the largest authorised CAT equipment dealers in the world, WesTrac provides customers with a wide range of machinery and construction equipment.

WesTrac’s WA head office is located in South Guildford, just north east of Perth city.

WesTrac approached DomeShelter Australia looking for a Shelter Solution to assist with their manufacturing process. The DomeShelter™ team provided a twin bay workshop with a common gutter. Both Container Mounted DomeShelter™ Structures are 12 metres wide by 12.2 metres long, and are SuperRise Structures, allowing for large machinery to be assembled within.

Employees report that they love working under the DomeShelter™ Structures, where they primarily assemble dozers. Our DomeShelter™ Structures offer protection against the elements – rain, hail or shine – creating a better environment for your team and protecting your assets.

westrac dual bay domeshelter fabric structure cat machinery

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