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Mini DomeShelter™ Container model used as a Workshop by Coates Hire.

The Challenge

Coates Hire needed a small shelter solution on-site at the Elizabeth Quay for storing hire equipment while the Quay was being constructed. There was an engineering challenge involved, with one container being a High-Cube (at 2.9m high), while the other was a General Purpose container (2.6m high).

Our Approach

DomeShelter Australia designed and manufactured a custom ‘Riser Rail’ to neutralise the different container heights, and also to showcase a printed sign that was the first of its kind. This gave Coates Hire a  fantastic hub on-site where all equipment could be stored away for protection from the elements during non-usage periods, with the ability to dismantle the Shelter at the end of the project and reuse on other sites.

IMG 3997 1

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