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Fully Engineered Fabric Shelters in Africa

Fabric Structures – also called ‘Container Shelters’ or ‘Container Domes’ – are a proven modern alternative to traditional steel buildings in Africa. Short lead time, fast install, ability to relocate, and easy delivery in kit form to even the most remote sites make them ideal for a range of industries.  


DomeShelter Australia is a trusted, leading supplier of Shelter Solutions, with installations in over 46 countries, including Egypt, Ghana, DRC, and more. Over more than 25 years, we have developed unparalleled expertise in designing and manufacturing Fabric Shelters that are engineered to protect people and assets from the elements – even the most remote and harsh conditions. 

mine site shelter

Why Choose DomeShelter™ Fabric Shelters in Africa?

Trusted in Africa

We've exported our shelters to more than 20 countries throughout Africa, thanks to our intelligent packaging design and partnerships with trusted logistics providers.

Customisable Solutions

Our in-house engineers create fit-for-purpose solutions tailored to your needs.


Our shelters can be moved from site to site, providing flexibility for changing conditions.

Easy Installation

Our fabric structures are designed for installation by your team or local contractors, making the setup process smooth and efficient.

Fast Turnaround

Our shelters are manufactured and delivered within 3-8 weeks* (subject to size and location), making them ideal for urgent situations.

Australian Made

Our fabric structures & shelters are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Australia to International standards – ISO 9001 and ISO 45001.

Minimal Environmental Impact

Our structures are designed to have a minimal environmental footprint, facilitating easier mine site rehabilitation.

Tough as the Elements®

Our proven and rugged solutions are engineered for the world’s harshest conditions, protecting your people and assets.

DomeShelter Logic®

Our unique design methodology governs our thinking, processes, and outputs, resulting in optimal value engineering.

DomeShelter™ Industry Solutions in Africa

  • Fabric structures and shelters offers a wide range of sizes and designs to accommodate different machinery sizes, with in-house experts to help advise a fit-for-purpose solution  
  • Provides a safe and ambient working environment  
  • Portable/Semi-permanent – Ideal for short-term projects or a 5–10-year mine life 
  • Fit-for-purpose – our engineers work with your specs to customise a solution to suit your facility layout and needs 
  • Utilise Standard ISO Containers for mounting system, which provides lockable storage, office infrastructure and more 
DomeShelter™ Mining Shelters | DomeShelter
  • Translucent fabric allows light to pass through, giving the inside even, bright light, creating a more pleasant work environment and saving energy costs 
  • Large fit-for-purpose designs allow for storage of various dimensions and safe and easy transport in & out 
  • Fire-retardant, self-extinguishing Armourtex® 400 fabric tarp is available, reducing hazard risk 
  • Can be relocated if necessary to suit changing project needs 
Construction & Industrial domeshelter
  • Store and maintain aircraft in large structural Fabric Structures  
  • Ideal for remote locations as well as facilities with urgent hanger requirements 
  • Internal fit-out options, such as fire systems, can be incorporated into the structural design when required  
  • In-house engineers design fit-for-purpose solutions according to your needs 
Defence & Aerospace Shelter
  • Sheltered space for efficient logistics management and protection during loading & unloading  
  • Shelters are Tough as the Elements, and are able to protect from even harsh winds and rain; work can continue underneath despite weather events 
  • Can be up to 60m long or more; incredibly large sizes without sacrificing strength or durability  
  • Fit-for-purpose designs that can accommodate storage areas with passages for unobstructed vehicle movement in and out 
  • Portable/Semi-permanent – alternative hold-downs available to reduce or even eliminate the need for in-ground concrete footings 
Birds eye view of a Shipping Container Shelter
  • In-house fabrication with strict control measures, ensuring reliability, quality and timeliness 
  • In-house Project Management to facilitate ‘complete facility’ design packages and reduce delivery risks  
  • Designed and packaged for easy transportation and delivery, simple and fast on-site construction 
  • Fully enclosed to reduce the potential for enemy observation 
  • Incorporate multi-spectral covers to disguise Shelters where necessary 
Rapidly Deployed Container Dome Shelter
  • Allows for 24/7 operation, regardless of the weather 
  • Fully enclosed structures with lockable doors create a fit-for-purpose facility 
  • Incorporate landmark Armourtex® 400 Fire Rated Fabric and a smart ventilation system to ensure suitable storage conditions 
  • Process and store odorous materials to prevent exposure 

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Incredible customer service and products! All the staff are eager to help and are extremely efficient! Highly recommend!

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a year ago

Great customer service with fast delivery

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a year ago

John, Darren and the team at DomeShelter Australia have been so helpful and accommodating - a great company to deal with.

Claire Vermet
a year ago

Great team, always responsive and very professional: - Delivery was faster than expected (even with covid. Well done!) - No hidden cost. - Good quality product. - Engineering drawings and documentation was very clear and delivered in time. I strongly recommend them for all your Dome Shelter needs.

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Really pleased with service and the follow up on emails and phone calls. Pleasant to talk and deal with, that is the rep that I dealt with ( Phoebe).

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Very professional service. Quick turn-around and great customer support

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Delt with John Veiga during my enquire at DomeShelter Australia. John was fully onboard with the application i needed and came back with a great quote in a timely manner. The follow up service was excellent, thaks John.

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I was very satisfied with the service I received from Domeshelter, What I really liked about them was how they helped me choose the right item, good quality and cheap product with quick email responses from Phoebe. I definitely recommend this company.

2 years ago

I had great experience dealing with the team at DomeShelter Australia. Communication is super easy and everyone responds very quickly. I had to make quite a few design changes throughout the project, which was a painless and quick process with the help from Madison and the entire team. I would strongly recommend DomeShelter Australia for any of your shelter needs.

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Extremely happy with the service from the Domeshelter Australia team, items were all delivered well before the due date. Excellent communication with the team from start to finish. Brooke Gentle was a champion and made it all happen, highly recommended.

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Great family owned and operated business that provide excellent Australian made products, manufactured in house. The team are knowledgeable, respond quickly and are just easy to deal with people.

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Very happy with the quality and service from Dome Shelter Australia. They are very helpful and experts in their field. Highly recommend their product

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I work on a subcontractor & consultant basis with these guys and they extremely helpful every time I require pricing or information. Their vast experience is and obvious advantage for them and they can usually offer a solution that is efficient and cost-effective. Fast service, switched on and good pricing - highly recommended.

DomeShelter™ Africa FAQ

Once your project is manufactured and packed, we aim to dispatch it promptly. For delivery to the Perth metro area, the process typically takes around 24 hours from dispatch to arrival.

Shelter Kits are delivered to international project sites via sea, typically packaged inside shipping containers. Variables such as distance, size of Shelter, logistics, and specific project requirements can influence the delivery timeline. Delivery from Australia to East Africa typically takes between 1-3 months.

All DomeShelter™ Products are offered internationally – our Fit-For-Purpose Fabric Shelter projects are available to clients throughout Africa.

Project management, customisations, inclusions, add-ons, even installation support, are all available to clients in Africa.

DomeShelter Australia handles delivery on a case-by-case basis, working with clients to ensure a solution that is best for their needs.

International clients, including those in Africa, are welcome to organise their own freight, or include this in their project scope for the DomeShelter™ team to arrange on their behalf.

DomeShelter™ Structures are delivered in kit form via sea. For projects where DomeShelter Australia arranges freight, our responsibility stops at the port nearest to the client. So, for clients in West Africa, we will ship their Shelter Kit to the closest port (i.e. Abidjan), but it is the clients responsibility to arrange in-country transit to have the Shelter moved from the port to their site.

We are often asked if we provide installation services for our DomeShelter ™ Structures. Typically, installation is not included in a standard package.

Our DomeShelter™ Structures are designed for easy installation by our client’s teams, and we provide clear instructions for each kit. As many of our Structures are placed in remote areas, it’s more cost-effective to use local contractors who are already familiar with the site.

For more complex projects, we can coordinate experienced subcontractors to assist with installation. However, most clients are able to install Dome Shelter ™ Structures themselves, even if they have no prior experience.

Absolutely! DomeShelter™ Fabric Structures are specifically constructed in a way that makes it easy to move them around.

In fact, they are designed to be dismantled and relocated as needed, which can be helpful when work requirements change.

These Structures can even be moved up to 6-8 times without any issues, which is just one of the many benefits of choosing a Fabric Shelter over a traditional steel building.

While DomeShelter Australia specialises in Fabric Structures, we can package the supply of ancillary items like sea containers  with the shelter  for client convenience and to simplify the procurement process.

However, for requirements like modified sea containers, including roller doors or internal fit-out, it is recommended to talk to container experts.

DomeShelter Australia is happy to integrate their processes with your preferred container supplier to deliver a more streamlined project. If you need direction on who to talk to, you’re welcome to contact DomeShelter Australia for options.

DomeShelter Australia offers both standard and custom size Shelters. The choice depends on your specific needs. Standard Shelters are cost-effective and suitable for most needs, while custom Shelters are designed to meet specific requirements. Our team can help you determine the best solution for your project.

Most DomeShelter™ Structures are installed by our clients’ own teams, following the comprehensive installation instructions provided with every purchase. The ease of installation is one of the many benefits of a DomeShelter™ Structure, and doing it yourself (DIY) can save money. However, we also have specialist installation teams for clients requiring this service.

The key components affecting Fabric Shelter pricing are as follows: Size, Mounting and substructure type, Location, Certification/licencing requirements, Installation and Added extras.

Each will influence the specifications of the Shelter and decide the final cost. Some are less flexible, such as the site location or required Shelter size. Others, including materials and non-standard extras, can change based on your budget and needs.

With so many variables to consider, there is no simple answer to the cost question regarding Fabric Shelters. The best way to know for sure is to reach out to an expert who can scope out your needs and provide you with an investment proposal.

DomeShelter™ Structures can be delivered quickly and installed easily. We provide detailed installation instructions and can also arrange an installation team for larger projects. The Structures are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and can be easily relocated if needed.

While steel sheds are traditional and familiar, container mounted Fabric Shelters offer flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and quick installation. They are particularly suited for remote locations and harsh environments.

A container shelter is a type of portable, durable structure that is typically mounted on shipping containers. These shelters are designed to provide a cost-effective and flexible solution for a variety of applications, including storage, workshops, and accommodation. The use of shipping containers as the base for these shelters provides a strong and stable foundation.

The arched Fabric Structure mounting rail and hoops are secured onto the sea containers, posts, or walls the Shelter will be mounted on, and the fabric is then pulled over the frame and secured. All components are provided in the DomeShelter™ kit and install is quick and easy, taking just a few days for a standard size shelter.

Each project at DomeShelter Australia is made to order, so there is always going to be a small lead time on your Shelter and you can expect this to be anywhere between two weeks and ten weeks.

Each project is specific, so some clients do require hot tip galvanising, supply of ancillary items that potentially carry with them a long lead time.