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CSBP are a large company, they have been around forever in Western Australia.

Typically, how these projects you might say work best is that we engage with all the players in a particular project. We started from a standard product and then we looked at derivatives when it comes to the endwall system and how we were going to interconnect the Structures, gutter systems, etc.

One of the key things there with CSBP is that if and when at such a time they want to use particular site for a different purpose, they have 11 modules that are essentially a standard product that they could resell or reuse.

There is a huge emphasis in the design phase to ensure that the modular component style kit can be transported and installed anywhere in the world. 95% of the products that we send out is installed by the customer’s own crew or a particular contractor that they may already have engaged. Our whole design process ensures that we have a very simple installation system and obviously back that up with very well-done instruction manuals.

CSBP were keen to have an installation contract done as well and we were able to do that very effectively. They were great to work with. We had a small tea, here on the ground putting these up. A team of three guys put 11 Shelters up in around about three weeks.

Some of the largest blue-chip companies in the world, especially in the resources and industry, oil and gas industry, are repeat customers over a long time. We do a lot of work in Africa, a lot of work in South America, Indonesia and they can have the assurance that the product has been well field tested in some of the most extreme environments.

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