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Two interconnected, different sized Container Dome Fabric Structures

Fabric Structures have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their versatility, ease of installation, and cost effectiveness. Fabric Shelters can undergo a range of customisations. This sometimes results in clients wanting to make changes to their Shelters in response to changing or updated worksite conditions. One common question that arises when considering a Fabric Structure is whether Endwalls can be added to an existing Structure later down the track. 

Endwalls are framed panels that can be used to fully enclose one or both ends of the Shelter to provide additional protection from wind, rain, and other elements. The ability to add Endwalls to a Fabric Structure can enhance its overall functionality, providing additional protection and privacy. Doors can also be added to Endwalls for extra versatility. 

So, can Endwalls be added to an existing Fabric Structure? What about adding doors to existing Endwalls? The answer is not straightforward, as it depends on the design and construction of the Shelter. Whether you are considering purchasing a Fabric Structure, or looking to enhance the functionality of an existing one, understanding whether changes can be made down the track is an important factor to consider. 

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Can I Add an Endwall to an Existing Fabric Shelter? 

Endwalls should only be added to Fabric Structures that are sufficiently engineered to support the additional weight and wind load that Endwalls can create. A Fabric Structure that is not designed or constructed to handle the added weight and wind load may become unstable or suffer structural damage if Endwalls are added. 

We generally won’t supply an Endwall for an existing Shelter that was manuactured by a company other than DomeShelter Australia, as we are unable to obtain the engineering details for such Shelters. Without careful consideraton and engineering, adding unsuitable equipment could your people and equipment in danger.  

Engineering is the biggest factor for consideration when it comes to adding Endwalls to existing Shelters, which is why it may be best to get in touch with the supplier if you are looking to make modifications.  

At DomeShelter Australia, Shelters manufactured in recent years can generally facilitate Endwalls with little difficulty – the Endwall can be engineered to suit the AS1170 specification the Shelter itself was designed for; either 2011 for slightly older Shelters or 2021 for those manufactured in the recent past.  

For DomeShelter™ Structures that are over a decade old, the process becomes more complicated. These Shelters were likely engineered to suit the 2002 wind code and would therefore be unable to meet today’s updated standards. For this reason, we would be unable to provide an engineering certification for these Endwalls. 

Can I Add Endwalls to a Fabric Structure

Can I Add a Door to an Existing Endwall? 

What about a Shelter that already has an Endwall, but needs a door for improved functionality?  

Once again, this is highly dependent on the specific Structure, the size of the Endwall in question, and its engineering specifications. Whether a door can easily be added to an existing Endwall can be largely determined by the framing/support posts within the Endwall.  

Working around the Endwall’s existing framing is ultimately simpler and more cost-effective. For instance, small PA doors or any other door type that can be fitted between two existing support posts can be implemented relatively well. However, if the door you are after is larger than the existing supports, due to the modifications that would be required to facilitate the door, it would likely be more cost-effective to have the Endwall replaced entirely with the door built-in to a new, properly engineered wall.  

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