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Common Uses for DomeShelter

We are offering $150 Gift Cards for great photographs of DomeShelter™ Structures. It could be a drone shot from the air or a video or still from the ground. The offer is per Shelter, not per image, so a set of images at different angles of the same shelter would be welcome.

What makes a great pic?

  1. Preferably a shelter in use with equipment and people showing the shelter doing what it was installed to do – recently installed empty shelters may still be acceptable as well
  2. Well framed with no or limited clutter within the shelter or in the fore or background
  3. Good lighting, clear, well focused, high resolution
  4. Pics that can be used to promote DomeShelter™ Structures will be highly regarded

Why are we offering this?

 We are always seeking shelter photographs for our website photo library, social media posts and general marketing but most of our shelters are installed in remote sites by clients own teams, so we don’t get to see them.

You Will Need to Confirm

  1. Use of the images by DomeShelter Australia is approved by the companies involved
  2. That DomeShelter Australia can freely use the images for marketing purposes
  3. That you were responsible for taking the original photographs and no copyright has been breached

$150 Reward

Send your photographs to [email protected] or use this email address with a file transfer program such as for larger or multiple files.

We will gift you or your company a $150 Bunnings Gift Card if we decide to use your photos. Gift Cards for photos will be entirely at our discretion but if we decide not to pay, you can be assured we won’t use the photos. If a Bunnings gift card doesn’t suit, you are welcome to nominate an alternative.

Contact our Marketing Coordinator Lavinia Fawkes on 08 9690 1100 or EMAIL [email protected] if you need more details. Or CONTACT US

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