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So my name’s Dirk Penny. I am the brewery project manager here, at the Gage Roads facility in Absolon St. I’ve been with the company for about nine years now, we’re the largest producer of beer here in WA, now, currently. So they have a 100 hectoliter brewhouse here. 24/7 operation working out of this site. So, yeah, we’re quite busy at the moment.

So the dome itself, as you can see behind me, we have a few fermenters out here. So what we brew the beer into. They were originally housed inside the building and we had to move them outside to make room for some new packaging equipment that we were going to put in there. So we had to put that outside. And obviously there’s some operations that the Brewers need to undertake at the top of the tanks and outside around the tanks. So we wanted them to have a little bit of weather cover, make it a bit more safer and comfortable for them out here.

We also have a large logistics operation here as well. So we have a lot of equipment coming in and coming off on pallets. So we needed to cover the space and basically give ourselves more storage room and the ability to store things outside of the weather and loaded onto trucks comfortably without getting damaged.

Domeshelter Australia, Fabric Structures, and Shelters have been great. So the actual equipment itself, as you can see, it looks like the day that it was put in. It’s fantastic. It does the job that we needed it to. Working with the team is good. Then in terms of engineering and design, we had a lot of questions around fire safety, the structural elements that were all covered during that process. Overall, a really positive experience working with Domeshelter.

The installation, it’s a bit tricky here because we are so busy and we work shifts 24/7. It was very difficult the installation so we had to do it in different sections. And the team that DomeShelter put us on to that helped with the installation were very good about only bringing onsite what we needed at the time to be able to undertake chunks and erect it over a period of weeks. And that works really well.

Obviously, DomeShelter had the ability to store a lot of the equipment out on their site. And we were just bringing it in as required and then setting up, you know, basically in chunks we erected a little bit at the end of each weekend. So yeah, it was a monumental effort to put it up. And it’s a large structure, as you can see.

But overall, yeah, we’ve got there in the end and it’s, it’s been really good. I think in terms of doing what we set out to do, it ticked all the boxes and was great and yeah, I’m constantly driving around and you kind of see places around that could do with a similar application and yeah, I would absolutely recommend it.

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