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DomeShelter Australia:
Defence Capabilities

Why Choose a DomeShelter™ Structure
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Standard and stocked DomeShelter™ Kits for rapid deployment in reactive/crisis events or custom Shelter Solutions from conceptual design to delivery, including installation support

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Fully engineered in compliance with the standards outlined in AS1170.2:2021 Wind Actions, able to withstand up to Region D – Cyclonic wind speeds

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In-house fabrication of steel and tarp with agile manufacturing capabilities, ensuring reliability, quality and timeliness

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In-house Project Management to facilitate ‘complete facility’ design packages and to reduce delivery risks


Designed and packaged for ease of transportation and delivery, simple and fast on-site construction


Rugged, proven Industrial grade Fabrics used, including our flagship Armourtex 400® Fire Retardant Fabric Tarp


What Sets DomeShelter™ Structures Apart?

  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia, supporting Australian jobs
  • Backed by our unique design methodology - DomeShelter™ Logic – proven to result in: Fit-for-purpose solutions that respond to client needs; design and engineering that gives you more for less; smart fabrication detailing for endurability and longevity; value engineering including foundation design and evaluation for cost efficiencies and material availability
  • Designed and proven for rapid portability and optimised ease of install, with minimal parts and easy-to-follow instructions to reduce complexity
  • Online 3D design tool for initial concept visualisation and option exploration
  • State-of-the-art, modern manufacturing facility located in regional Western Australia with agile, scalable manufacturing output
  • Significant local stock holdings of raw materials
  • Export experience to 45+ countries: Kit packaged inside ISO sea containers for ease of transportation
  • Engineered to Protect: DomeShelter™ Structures are compliant and fully certified, designed to stand the test of time by a dedicated and experienced in-house team

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The Trusted DomeShelter™ Solution

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Common Uses for DomeShelter™ Fabric Shelters & Structures in Defence & Aerospace

  • Store and maintain aircraft in large structural Fabric Structures 
  • Ideal for remote locations as well as facilities with urgent hanger requirements 
  • Incorporate multi-spectral covers to disguise aircraft where necessary 
  • Internal fit-out options, such as fire systems, can be incorporated into the structural design when required. 
  • In-house engineers design fit-for-purpose solutions according to your needs 
  • Easy vehicle and MHE access can be provided through open shelters or endwalls with flexible doors 
  • Ideal for remote locations as well as facilities with urgent vehicle maintenance facility requirements 
  • Incorporate standard ISO containers for mounting system and storage 
  • QDDS (Quickly Deployable DomeShelter™ Structure in development for large Shelters in crisis 
  • In-house fabrication of steel and fabric, ensuring reliability, quality and timeliness​ 
  • In-house Project Management to facilitate ‘complete facility’ design packages and reduce delivery risks 
  • Designed and packaged for easy transportation and delivery, simple and fast on-site construction 
  • Container Mounted Structures can provide secure storage with a level of environmental control 
  • Customised to include doors, ventilation systems, endwalls etc., to be fit-for-purpose 
  • Ideal for remote sites with easy installation by your teams 
  • DomeShelter™ Structures provide shade and protection from the elements 
  • Fully enclosed to reduce the potential for enemy observation 
  • Ideal for remote sites with easy installation by your teams 
  • DomeShelter™ Australia have fabricated several huge shelters for use as warehouses across many industries 
  • Fit-For-Purpose and fully engineered to suit each application 
  • Deployable pallet and warehouse racking systems can be laid out within 
  • Assets protected from the elements and secured from observation and access 

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