DomeShelter Australia - International Warranty

This is a short synopsis of your DomeShelter warranty. It does not take the place of the warranty itself, which is the legal document governing the warranty given by us.

General Conditions

  1. To secure your DomeShelter warranty, you must complete the electronic application form below within 90 days after purchase. The warranty comes into force immediately, if fully paid for, or otherwise as soon as the price has been paid in full.
  2. Your DomeShelter warranty lasts for ten (10) years from the date of purchase if it is advised to be for erection in, and is, and remains erected in, an “Australian Wind-Certified Area”; otherwise it lasts for five (5) years. An Australian Wind-Certified Area is an area in Australia for which we have meteorological data, our DomeShelter structures being designed and engineered in compliance with AS1170.2 to withstand wind gusts up to specific wind speeds in accordance with the data for those areas.
  3. This warranty applies in respect of all damage and defects to the framework or fabric of your DomeShelter structure, except for damage or defects from certain specified exclusions, including: normal wear and tear; improper installation or maintenance; unauthorised alterations to your DomeShelter structure or its supports; failure or any element of your DomeShelter structure or its supports provided by a third party; ground failure; neglect or misuse; incorrect storage or handling; improper disassembly; “acts of God”; and third party acts.
  4. You must notify us in writing, giving full details of any claimed damage or defect. We may require an investigation at your cost. The investigation is to be conducted by an independent investigator appointed by both you and us. If agreement cannot be reached as to the appointment of an independent investigator, the matter will go to mediation, at your expense. If mediation fails, the independent investigator will be appointed by the president for the time being of the Law Society of Western Australia.
  5. If an event covered by the warranty occurs, we will, at our option: give you a refund of moneys that you have reasonably paid to a third party by for repair or replacement; pay you an amount for or towards repair or replacement costs; or repair or replace your DomeShelter structure or affected components of it. The amount of any refund or payment to you is limited to the purchase price of your DomeShelter structure reduced pro rata for each year of the warranty period then completed. You must also bear all costs of and relating to transport of your DomeShelter structure to us for repair, and its return to you, or the transport to you of any replacement, as the case requires.
  6. Further to the exclusions referred to in paragraph 3 above, we shall not be liable for any indirect, special, consequential or liquidated damages, including any loss of profits.
  7. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we otherwise exclude from the operation of this warranty all terms, however expressed, implied by statute or by common law.
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