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Container Shed

There was once a time wooden barns were standard for sheds and shelters. With the advent of steel and corrugated iron, steel sheds became to the new normal for workshops, warehouses and storage. In this article we discuss the making of a Container Shed.

Now with incredible advances in fabric technology and innovation in structural design, Shipping Container Sheds have become the shelter solution of choice by some of the worlds leading mining and industrial companies.

Container Shed

A Container Shed is simply a new and innovative way to create a shade and shelter space quickly, at less expense and with the added advantage that it can be installed and relocated with ease, whereas steel sheds are typically permanent. Container Sheds leave no or little footprint when dismantled and relocated or stored in kit form for future use.


The business buzz word commonly used these days is disruption and a Container Shed is certainly a disruptor to the traditional steel shed. No longer are steel buildings the only option for storage and workshop needs on mining and industrial sites.

Arched Steel Framework

A Container Shed is simply an arched steel framework secured between two or more standard sea containers with a high quality and heavy-duty fabric stretched over the top and firmly secured at the ends. The Fabric Structure can be from one to three containers high and the arched roof provides even greater height to accommodate some of the largest and highest equipment. Length is a matter of placing containers end to end for the desired length and continuing the roof structure.


The arched steel roof and fabric covering are fabricated in workshops, and packed down into kit form for easy transport to site. Once on site, installation takes from as little as a few hours to a few days depending on size and complexity and is usually done by client’s own teams following instructions supplied.

Mounting Options

Apart from shipping containers, other mounting options for the Fabric roof structure include steel posts either on their own or in combination with containers, or concrete walls. Containers offer many advantages as a mounting option. They are standard size no matter where they are in the world, they can be turned into secure office and storage space and they are easily available and portable.


DomeShelter Australia’s Fabric Structures are transported to some of the remotest sites is Australia and exported as kits packed into sea containers throughout the world. Up to 1000m2 of shelter space can be packed into a single container. Standard size structures can be available to ship within just days of order and customised designs are also available to meet client’s specific needs.

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