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Fabric Shelter

Seeking a shelter and shade solution for your mine-site, work-site or farm? Fabric Dome Shelter or Steel Shed, what’s it to be?

Both have features and benefits that could suit your situation, so which one is best.

4 Essential Questions

  1. Is the structure required for short to medium term?
  2. Is there a chance it will need relocating during its lifetime?
  3. Is the land on which it will be located owned by another entity?
  4. Do you require it to be installed quickly?

If you answered NO to all these questions, then it’s likely that a steel shed would suit your needs. It is generally long term, permanent, typically installed on owners land and usually takes much longer from order to installation than a Fabric Shelter. However, if you answered YES to even one question, a Fabric Structure is possibly the best option.

Fabric Shelter Benefits

With impressive advances in fabric technology in the past 20 years, Fabric Shelters are now widely used where steel sheds were once standard. Renowned for the speed from order to installation, their ease of installation and relocation and their durability, they are now trusted and used by the worlds largest mining, industrial and agricultural companies.


Known by many names including Dome Shelter, Shelter Station, Container Shed, Container Shelter and All Shelter, we refer to them as a DomeShelter™ Fabric Shelter- the genuine brand.


Widely used for just about anything that requires a roof for shade and shelter, including

  • Workshops & warehousing
  • Equipment & materials storage
  • Fuel & tyre depot
  • Staff amenities
  • Aviation shelter
  • General events
  • Hay storage
  • Intensive animal housing

And More…

They can be left open ended or fully sealed with end walls, including personal access or large equipment doors. Mounted on sea containers, steel posts, a combination of both or concrete walls, and engineered to withstand winds up to 316km/h, (Australian Region D Cyclonic) they have proven their versatility and durability in a wide range of very harsh and demanding environments.

As for size, they can range in width from 6 to 30 metres wide, in length from 6 metres up to any length required and as high as required to accommodate the largest heavy duty equipment.

Manufactured in regional Western Australia, DomeShelter Australia’s Fabric Structures are transported to site in kit form around Australia and exported to over 20 countries. Clients on-site teams usually install in just a couple of days using comprehensive instructions provided.

The total cost of ownership of a DomeShelter™ Dome Shelter can also be lower than an equivalent sized steel shed. See our article on TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP OF A FABRIC STRUCTURE

For further information, check out the Fabric Shelter Buying Guide, our Information Brochure or other information available throughout the DomeShelter Australia website.

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