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shipping container shed

A search of “Shipping Container Shed” on google, reveals a vast number of various shaped and sized “sheds” utilising standard sea containers in some form or another.

In its most basic form, a Shipping Container Shed consists of a converted sea container with doors and windows built in, possibly with electrical cabling installed for lights and power and work benches or even bedding depending on the users needs.

Progressing on, the next step is to utilise two containers as side walls and erect a corrugated iron flat or pitched roof between them to provide span free workspace between the container whilst also utilising the containers for workshops or secure storage area.

At DomeShelter Australia, our designers have taken the concept one step further by installing an arched fabric roof structure covered in heavy duty vinyl. The arched roof and lightweight vinyl covering are supplied in ready made modules that can be reduced to kit form and packed into the sea containers for transport to site. Once onsite, the roof structure can then be easily installed by securing to the sea containers which are placed parallel at the necessary width apart.

The genius is in the simplicity and the functionality that can see these shipping container sheds adapt to just about any size and adapted for use on remote sites for workshops, warehouses or just about anything that requires shade or shelter for protection from weather.

The DomeShelter™ Shipping Container Shed has become so popular that it is now the preferred choice of shelter by some of the worlds leading mining and industrial companies. It’s not new to the market and has been supplied by DomeShelter Australia for nearly 25 years to some of the remotest parts of Australia and exported to 28 countries.

Once you become aware of them, you will see the smaller versions on industrial and commercial sites throughout metropolitan areas. The really big ones are typically found on mine sites to cater for their large equipment.

Shipping Container Sheds by design, provide a lighter and cooler environment to work in and can be adapted with extras such as end walls, doors, lighting (for night work) and guttering to meet the most demanding client needs.

For more information on DomeShelter™ Shipping Container Sheds, contact DomeShelter Australia on Freecall (Australia) 1800 653 351 or direct on 08 9690 1100 or complete the Contact Us form on their website

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