Container Mounted DomeShelter™

DomeShelter™ Australia offers a wide assortment of fabric structure solutions for a diverse market. Those who are looking for a versatile, relocatable, and low-maintenance Container Shelter will find it in our collection.

DomeShelter is constantly looking for ways to improve our fabric container shelters. Ideal for use as a shipping container shed, our Container Mounted DomeShelters provide a cost-effective and dependable solution to your storage and shelter needs. Our Domes fit securely onto existing containers, maximising space while encouraging better airflow and reduced heat build-up.

Made in Australia, the Container Mounted DomeShelter™ (CMDS) is a relocatable shelter system engineered to withstand wind and other tough conditions in the country. Our team of fabric shelter specialists considers this when designing the solution to your needs.

A Popular, Versatile Containment Option

We choose the accredited materials and designs for our highly functional shipping container shed. DomeShelter™ branded products have a robust steel frame that can be either bolted, welded or Twistlocked to the top of standard ISO Sea Containers. Extremely easy to adjust and maintain, they’re an ideal solution for logistical applications that regularly change locations.

They’re also a popular option for the protection of personnel, as they can be utilised as crib and waiting stations, especially in inclement weather conditions.

Made to Suit Various Shipping Configurations

CDMS structures come in a large range of sizes and are made to suit various shipping container configurations. DomeShelter™ models are engineered to withstand harsh conditions and profiles are available to suit Australian A, B, C and D(CYCLONIC) Wind Regions. All steel used in construction is in accordance with AS1163 and designed in accordance with AS1170.2.

Our container domes are the perfect option for your shipping container shelter requirements. Browse our page to learn more about them, or get in touch with us to make your enquiry.

Std. DomeShelter™ widths available.
6m wide Std Container Shelter
8m wide Std Container Shelter
10m wide Std Container Shelter
12m wide Std Container Shelter
15m wide Std Container Shelter
17m wide Std Container Shelter
21m wide Std Container Shelter
23m wide Std Container Shelter
shipping container shed
Low-Rise DomeShelter™ widths available.
12m wide Low-Rise Container Shelter
15m wide Low-Rise Container Shelter
Hi-Rise DomeShelter™ widths available.
12m wide Hi-Rise Container Shelter
15m wide Hi-Rise Container Shelter
17m wide Hi-Rise Container Shelter
21m wide Hi-Rise Container Shelter
Hi-Rise Container Shelter
Super Rise DomeShelter™ widths available.
17m wide Super-Rise Container Shelter
19m wide Super-Rise Container Shelter
Super Rise Container Domes

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