High-Quality Farm Shelters

As an established manufacturer of fabric shelter solutions, at DomeShelterTM Australia we understand that our clients have unique requirements when it comes to choosing the right product for agricultural shelter solutions. Because we work across many different industries, we have had to develop meticulous design and engineering processes and a high degree of customisation. The needs of our clients are our main considerations as we design and build smart shelter solutions.

We offer a wide range of farm shelters for clients in the agriculture industry. Our agricultural DomeShelterTM can be mounted onto posts or concrete walls and come with a range of clear spans in different sizes. Our most popular options include clear spans ranging from 10m–21m. Ag Shelters can be virtually any length, working in 2m bay increments.

Ideal for a Number of Applications

It can be difficult to maintain stock and equipment in the agricultural workplace. For example, farm owners with machinery on their property must protect their equipment from the elements. Machinery left out in bad weather will deteriorate more quickly than machinery that can be stored under cover. They need to take equal, if not greater, care of their livestock, ensuring they are protected from bad weather.

Our Ag Shelters are perfect for a wide variety of applications, making them a perfect feature for any farm. They can serve as:

Agricultural Shelters Built to Last

We manufacture our products to quality ISO standards. Our Ag Shelters are engineered to withstand wind and are suitable for most agriculture areas in Australia.

The fabric cover gives little radiant heat in summer compared to steel, and the high rise of the roof promotes convectional currents, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

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