Pricing & Product Guide

Following prices provide a guide to a small range of sizes and combinations. Here's the fine print in big print though: all prices are subject to possible variations based on individual circumstances.

If you would like pricing (either an estimate or actual quote) for your project, you are invited to complete the form below or call a DomeShelter™ Consultant on 1800 653 351.

Key reasons to choose genuine DomeShelter™ brand

  • 10 Year warranty
  • Quality Australian designed and manufactured
  • Engineered up to Region D Cyclone rated
  • Custom designed solutions by local staff
products prices
8m wide x 6.05m long, Region D

 8m Std rise x 6.05m long REGION D CYCLONE RATED. From $6550

8m wide x 6.05m long Endwall with curtain

8m Std rise x 6.05m long, end walls, large equipment door. From $14,100


10m Low-Bow rise x 6.05m long. From $9,700

12m Std rise x 24.4m long end walls, with containers

12m Std rise x 24.4 m long end walls, equipment access door. From $37,100

15m wide x 12.2m long

15m Std rise x 12.2 m long. From $16,650

21m wide Super Rise x 12

 21m Super rise x 12.2m long, end wall both ends. From $65,600 

*Prices ex factory, ex GST, correct as of 30 Sept 2017 and subject to change without notice
*Prices based on Region A Wind Category unless specified
* Containers sold separately, posts included

DomeShelter™ Fabric Shelters come in a range of standard sizes from 6 to 30 metres wide and lengths from 6 to 85 metres or more with over 100 different combinations of size and other options.

If you know the specifications for your shelter and are ready for a quote, we invite you to go to REQUEST A QUOTE and complete the details.

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Typical sub structure (wall) support includes
  • Containers - 20 or 40 ft - one, two or three containers high
  • Steel Posts to your nominated height
  • Container and post combination
  • Cement blocks
Arch heights
  • Low-Bow
  • Low-Rise
  • Standard
  • Super-Rise
  • High-Rise
End walls & doors
  • End walls, one end, both ends
  • No end walls,
  • Personal access doors
  • Large equipment access
  • Lighting
  • Guttering
  • Signage
  • Flooring
  • Containers
Engineering standards

Designed and built to withstand wind speeds of

    • Wind Region A - up to 147.6kph
    • Wind Region B - up to 186.84kph
    • Wind Region C - up to 232.2kph
    • Wind Region D - up to 316.8 kph

*based on terrain category 2, 10m reference height

Customised shelter sizes

We also fully customise sizes to client requirements

  • Workshops & warehousing
  • Equipment & materials storage
  • Fuel & tyre depot
  • Staff amenities
  • Aviation shelter
  • General events
  • Hay storage
  • Intensive animal housing

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