Product Pricing Guide


One of the first questions potential Fabric Shelter owners often ask is "Can you give me a price for an x by x shelter". A difficult question to answer without more information as there are many factors that go into pricing Shelters including;

  • Size
  • Location
  • Use
  • Mounting & securing options
  • Extra accessories

Read "HOW MUCH DOES A FABRIC SHELTER COST?" to discover the principles of Shelter pricing.

Following is a small sample of shelter sizes and configurations to assist with your planning.

8m wide x 6.05m long, Region D

 8m Std rise x 6.05m long

8m wide x 6.05m long Endwall with curtain

8m Std rise x 6.05m long, end walls, large equipment door


10m Low-Bow rise x 6.05m long

12m Std rise x 24.4m long end walls, with containers

12m Std rise x 24.4 m long, end walls, equipment access door

15m wide x 12.2m long

15m Std rise x 12.2 m long

21m wide Super Rise x 12

 21m Super rise x 12.2m long, end wall both ends

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