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Shipping Container Shed

The Shipping Container Shed, also known as a Container Mounted Fabric Shelter (CMDS) is fast becoming the new disruptor and preferred warehouse, storage and workshop option for some of the worlds leading mining and industrial companies.

Preferred over traditional steel sheds which have been used for decades as the only option. The Shipping Container Shed is increasingly seen on many city, regional and remote industrial sites.

Is it a disruptor? Perhaps not in the traditional use of the word, but if you are in the steel shed fabrication business and seeing an increasing number of these new and innovative shelter solutions, you would certainly be concerned.

Developed in the late 20th century, the Container Shed is an arched steel framed roof, over which a high-quality fabric is stretched and secured at all ends. The whole roof structure is defined by its mounting system which consists of standard sea containers used as walls on either side of the arched roof. Containers can be mounted up to three high and end to end for desired length.

This method of mounting has led to it also being called a Container Dome in reference to the domed roof structure. Also referred to as a Container Shelter, or simply a Container Shed.

Widely used where steel sheds were once popular, they are now well accepted due to their

  • ease of transport to site,
  • ease and speed of installation
  • their ability to be dismantled and
  • relocated with equal ease.

The high-quality fabrics used are

  • strong,
  • durable and
  • highly UV resistant.

The roof structure associated with the Shipping Container Shed is fabricated off-site and transported to site in kit form to be installed generally by client’s own teams, in as little as 1-3 days, depending on size and complexity.

Whereas steel sheds are heavy, bulky and costly and difficult to transport and erect, Shipping Container Shelters have a reputation for their ability to be available and installed on the remotest sites in quick time, therefore lowering overall project costs and getting the project up and running much quicker. On completion the Container Shed is dismantled back into kit form and taken off-site to be stored, sold or used again elsewhere.

They can be exported by fitting into sea containers in kit form, which makes transport to site from the destination port quick, easy and efficient.

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