DomeShelter™ for Mining and engineering

Mining and Civil Engineering Shelters

DomeShelter Australia is experienced in meeting the unique demands of mining and resources projects from large-scale warehouse and equipment buildings through to smaller customised requirements.

Our container-mounted and post-mounted mining shelters and structures are easy to install and relocate, making them an ideal component of cost-effective infrastructure.

The steel frames and open spans allow for considerable space, suited to heavy equipment storage and movement, as well as workshop and maintenance areas.

With rigorously tested materials and innovative designs, these durable structures are built to survive the climatic extremes of the Australian landscape, which makes them robust enough for just about any area.

A Complete Equipment Storage Solution

DomeShelter Australia has over 20 years of experience, continuously refining our techniques and products. Our goal is to provide our customers with fabric shelters that exceed their expectations.

We have firsthand knowledge of the rigorous requirements of the mining and civil sectors. Our fabric shelters are designed to provide a complete equipment storage solution for your industry.

Our shelters are durable and long-lasting, providing unparalleled stability and security. At the same time, they are also modular and relocatable -- simply disassemble and rebuild the structure as needed. This minimises transport costs and gives you greater mobility.

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