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Innovative Industrial Fabric Shelters from DomeShelter Australia

Domeshelter Australia's varied range of storage shelters offers cost-effective solutions for many industrial contexts.

Are you looking for industrial shelters engineered to withstand long exposure to harsh environments and elements? If you are, then DomeShelter Australia is your trusted provider.

Our industrial tent structures and storage shelters are a cut above the rest. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our shelters, building longer-lasting structures made from superior materials.

DomeShelter's large industrial tents give you more choice of configuration. Tell us your required dimensions, building purpose and environmental conditions, and we will design and engineer a storage shelter that meets your unique requirements.

We uphold the highest standards of quality -- our industrial tent structures can withstand the tough demands of Australia's industrial sector and are guaranteed to withstand cyclones and the harsh Australian sun. Contact us today and see the DomeShelter Australia difference.

Providing a Highly Functional Working Environment

Suitable for all kinds of industrial storage and maintenance work, the products we offer provide a highly functional working environment for our clients. Natural factors such as the weather may affect work operations in an industrial setting. It can be difficult to protect supplies from the damage caused by adverse weather, especially in areas that are particularly exposed to the elements.

Industrial shelter systems are a cost-effective means of storing your supplies and maintaining their quality under varying natural conditions. Different industries have specific requirements for their fabric structures. In the mining industry, for example, mine shelters usually follow a modular design and are made of rust-resistant materials, for easy transport and durability.

Some modern mine shelters have an enclosed design, while others, such as those offered at DomeShelter Australia, have an arched roof that covers a wide area.

Industrial Shelters from DomeShelter Australia

The options from DomeShelter Australia are available in standard and customised models. The shelters' wide-arch spans provide highly accessible storage space, while the durable fabric covers are virtually maintenance free, requiring no cleaning, painting or treatments.

The high roof profile of the shelters, allow for good air circulation and flow. This makes them popular with the workforce, as they help maintain a comfortable working environment.

In addition, the structures can be conveniently dismantled and relocated if you need a change of environment, making them a sensible and versatile capital investment.

See some applications of our structures on the slideshow below. If you need more information, you may fill out our online form to send a request.

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