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Fabric Shelter

This article discusses the many factors that go into the pricing of a Fabric Shelter including;

  • Size
  • Location
  • Use
  • Mounting Options
  • Installation
  • Extras
  • Engineering Certification

One of the first questions potential Fabric Shelter owners ask is “Can you give me a price for an x by x shelter”.

To answer we need additional information.

The purchase of the Fabric Shelter is much like the purchase of a vehicle or even a home. With so many options available, final price can vary.


In the case of a DomeShelter™ Fabric Shelter, the basic range shelter price would probably start with a Wind Region A shelter, but there are four wind regions that require increasing engineering specifications. That’s why our consultants will always ask where the Shelter is to be located.

Location may also affect the cost of delivery.


Next, what the shelter is to be used for is considered. The use will dictate the width and length and possibly the height.

Mounting Options

They will then ask how it is to be mounted, on steel posts, sea containers, a combination of both or concrete barriers. If sea containers, will they be stacked two or three high to give the shelter the height required to accommodate the equipment to be stored. There are also a number of options to secure the containers.

Customised Shelter Options

Fabric Shelters come in both standard (off the shelf) sizes and customised sizes. Standard sizes will be lower cost than a customised size, which requires design input and manufacturing adjustments.


DomeShelter Australia Shelters are designed to be easily installed by clients own teams, using comprehensive guidelines provided. However, sometimes the client wants us to install, or at least provide an installation supervisor to assist.


Somewhere in the conversation with a DomeShelter™ Consultant, the need for end walls, one end or both, access doors, either personal or large equipment will be discussed.

In addition, some clients will require extras such as lighting, guttering, signage, shelving and anchoring solutions.


Finally, in some situations, engineering certification is required and comes at additional cost to the client.


So, as much as we would like to provide a simple answer to “How much is a x by x Shelter” we feel it would be a little misleading to provide an immediate answer without informing ourselves of all the information required, so we can provide an honest price.

Our goal is to provide the very best and highest quality solution to meet your shelter needs, be it warehouse, workshop or storage.

So, by all means, ask us for a price and start an interesting conversation that will lead to a fit for purpose, high quality solution guaranteed to delight you and your team.

Please visit REQUEST A QUOTE or call us on 08 9690 1100 to discuss your needs.

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