Let us introduce you to Steve Harvey from OrionStone.

They needed a shelter for his large machinery operations so the staff could focus on building and refurbishing the equipment.

As the demand for their services grew so also did their need for more DomeSheltersTM. Steve has just had his third DomeShelterTM installed which was a 17m wide Hi-Rise and is very happy with the system. You will notice in some of the pictures that the DomeSheltersTM have a full end-walls and curtain doorways as one of the requirements from OrionStone was a sand blasting shelter to ensure the garnet from the sandblasting is contained.

We hope the people that are ringing up the company as they drive past the highway requesting to stop in and have a look at the DomeSheltersTM don't waste too much of his time.

Sandblasting Shelters OrionStone-CaseStudy03

























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