At many work sites, equipment is often left at the mercy of the sun. Construction sites often do not have existing structures to keep vehicles and equipment in the shade, and there are not a lot of options for protecting the vehicles.

Our product, the DomeShelter, creates a shade for many sectors and many of them use it to protect their vehicles. The domes can cover large areas and are great at accommodating huge trucks and big equipment. So why are these solutions so necessary? Here, we explain how the sun can damage your vehicles.

Cracks on the Exterior

The Aussie sun is great, but it can be very unforgiving. A surface exposed to it for hours on end will pay the price. The paint job will chip, exposing the more reactive surfaces underneath. Chipped paint can escalate to hairline cracks with constant exposure to the sun.


Exposure to the sun and the resulting heat will not be easy on the engine, the fuel and the other liquids inside. Overheating is common in engines which do not get respite from the heat. Motor vehicles almost always have systems that ensure they don’t go beyond operating temperatures – constant exposure to the sun lessens a vehicle's ability to continue functioning.

Effect on Value

For many businesses, the resale value of equipment matters greatly.  One determinant of this price is the look of the vehicle. Sun exposure will hasten the ageing not only of the paint job but also the interiors. Fabric in the upholstery can fade with constant exposure.

Can Destroy Important Features

Sun exposure can also negatively impact features such as airbags, seat belts or other plastic features inside the vehicle. In a study by the University of Manchester, common materials in these car features were found to be reactive with excess heat.

A perfect solution to this problem is the use of structures that can reliably provide shade for your vehicles. DomeShelter, Australia’s fabric-covered dome structure is a great option to consider. The domes are very easy to set-up and reliably built.