Watch what happens when the DomeShelter™ Skin is Intentionally Punctured


[Video Script] You may have seen the Durability video showing you how strong the material is having to lift a 2.5-ton Land Rover. let me introduce you to another benefit on why companies around the world choose the iconic DomeShelter™ Solution.

As these structures are cyclone rated flying debris is a possibility, now watch what happens when the DomeShelter™ skin is intentionally punctured, you will notice that the skin does not continue to tear even when the pressure of the 2.5-ton landrover is applied.

This amazing tear stop technology works for you by distributing the tension over the area thanks to a unique cross weaved scrim prohibiting the continuation of the tear allowing the skin the maintain it’s core structure. The technology is abrasion and water resistant, flexible and light.

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