Demo of How Strong the DomeShelter™ Structure Skin is?


You will find seven features and benefits when using a Genuine DomeShelter™ fabric: 

  • Brighter: No need for artificial lighting - Natural light is easier on our bodies
  • Lighter: Less strain on steel membrane - A longer lasting shelter solution
  • Cooler: Up to 20% cooler than a conventional steel shed - Less strain on your employees
  • Stronger: Tearing strength of up to 382 Newton's  - Less prone to general wear-and-tear damage
  • Quieter: Fabric absorbs sound waves - A solution that is easier to work under
  • Cheaper: Up to ¼ of the price of a steel alternative - You get more for less
  • Longer: Backed by manufacturer's 10 year warranty - You’re guaranteed the best protection

Our carefully selected and proven fabrics both offer superior quality, durability and performance in the harsh Australian climates. Whether it be fire-retardant or tear-resistant, you are sure to find some of Australia’s toughest fabric materials in our factory


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