Farm Shed Alternative

Since 1996 Agri-Shelter’s changed how we think about Farm Sheds

Knowing that you need to look after your farming goods, Agri-Shelter structures would be a paramount option.

Agri-Shelters are robust enough to withstand extreme climate conditions, the shelters are also light and heat-resistant, providing a established low-stress environment for livestock.

Also, who wants wet hay? This agri-shelter as an alternative to the farm shed is a cost effective storage solution to keep your grain & hay dry during the wet season.

Wanting to easily relocate your shelter structure often around the farm.

We know farmers, and looking after machinery is most important. Post mounted or even skid mounted farm shelters provide perfect coverage for large and small equipment helping to maintain their value year in and year out.

The skid mounted shelter is manufactured with flicks (like a sled) at the bottom, to provide a smooth run for itself over rigorous ground, then ballasted down with earth anchors.

There are farmers around australasia that are using the DomeShelter™ solution for several years now, contact the DomeShelter Australia so we can introduce you to them.


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