Dome Shelters for Cattle

Appropriate Cattle Shelters are becoming more and more difficult to find mainly because of the specific features required!

Strict standards and market specifications that beef and livestock organisations establish, continue to narrow down suppliers of shelter solutions. Thus, choosing one of Australia’s leading structural engineers is one of the reasons why DomeShelter Australia has continued to provide you with superior shelters to the Cattle market.

The unmatched design of the DomeShelter™ structure has been proven to go beyond industry standards. Not only this but you will prove our shelter design is done in such a way that it is both freight friendly and cost saving. Main factors in this include the design as well as the carefully chosen materials and coatings we use as well as an unrivalled number of years of experience building the highest standard of structures.

The tensioned roof design of the DomeShelter™ structure has multiple benefits for cattle raising. The fabric material means it is more tolerant to moisture which causes mould, which ultimately means that the shelter has a natural advantage against steel clad and can in turn, last a lot longer. Fabric covered shelters also help to naturally maintain suitable temperatures and humidity levels which significantly assist to keep the living conditions better for the animals.

DomeShelter Australia’s unique way of packing its shelters means it’s easy for you - unpacking and installing is a dream, through to your own personal installation manual to the shelters customer care team.

fabric shelters for cattles



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