Ammonium Nitrate Storage Shelter


Suitable ammonium nitrate shelters are hard to find because of the strict guidelines and requirements that the government enforces to the storage areas to ensure the whole structure is safe for such high risk operations.

Ammonium Nitrate storage facilities can be built but the materials often used are not only bulky to freight but expensive to purchase and fabricate into working shelters.

DomeShelter Australia’s unique shelter design has been proven to meet and exceed government standards and regulations in every situation. Not only this but our shelter design is done in such a way that it is both freight friendly and cost saving. Main factors in this include the design as well as the carefully chosen materials and coatings we use as well as an unmatched number of years of experience building the highest standard of structures.

Ammonium Nitrate is a chemical that when comes in contact with elements such as zinc, copper, steel and various metals that contain these a chemical effect occurs which creates rapid corrosion and oxidation.

The design of the structure that DomeShelter™ Australia produces has multiple benefits when it comes to covering ammonium nitrate storage, starting with the tensioned roof covering, as it is a fabric it is void of metallic elements making it extra durable and rust proof, this ultimately means that the shelter has a natural advantage against steel clad and can ultimately last a lot longer. Using fabric covered shelters also helps naturally maintain suitable temperatures and in turn humidity levels which greatly helps to keep  the product in it optimal operating conditions.


DomeShelter™ Australia’s capabilities to fully design and manufacture the shelter in-house include not only the ability to fully customise to suit the sites exact needs but we can also add extra protection to the framework such as applying powder coating or in extreme cases epoxy resin to the steelwork, as well as being our own manufacturer of the fabric tarp roof covers. This ensures that all departments work together to design and manufacture a structure that continues to be Australia’s leading Fabric Shelter manufacturer and will remain so.




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