The Advantages of Polyolefin

 DomeShelter Polyolefin Advantages

DomeShelter Australia primarily uses polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) in all our fabric shelters and large industrial tents. We chose these fabrics because they offer a range of advantages over other types of materials.

As types of olefin synthetic fibre, PE and PP are made from polyolefin, a type of oily or waxy plastic. Industries have been using these materials since 1931, and now they are two of the most widely used plastics.

We prefer using PP and PE in our fabric shelters because:

They are rugged and durable

Resistant to tears and rips, PP and PE are extremely rugged and durable, making them suitable for industrial applications. Our DomeShelterTM Australia fabrics are engineered to withstand the harsh environmental conditions of Australia. Our shelters can withstand wind strengths in all regions of Australia, as defined by Australian Standards 1170:2:2002.

They are lightweight

Our PP and PE fabrics are incredibly lightweight. This makes our shelters easy to install, dismantle and relocate. Since the fabrics are flexible, they can be folded or rolled, using up less space during storage or transit.

They resist soiling and staining

Both PP and PE are extremely resistant to soiling and staining. They are non-absorbent fabrics, so they are less likely to accumulate dirt and moisture. This also makes them more resistant to the growth of bacteria and mould.

They are waterproof

These fabrics are also waterproof, which keeps the shelter’s interior dry. The dome shape of our shelters also controls run off, so that the water does not flow inside.

They absorb noise

Shelters made of PP and PE absorb noise. Our shelters effectively reduce echoes and keep noise levels under control.
They protect against heat

Our PP and PE fabrics also block out UV rays. The materials reflect the rays and absorb less heat compared to other materials. This gives a cooler interior.

Because they are a rugged, and economical, PP and PE are the preferred materials for our shelters. Learn more about our fabric shelters by contacting the DomeShelter Australia team today.