Durable Container Shelter End Walls

 DomeShelter end wall
DomeShelter, an Australian shade and shelter solutions company, offers durable container shelter endwalls suited to most container, industrial post and ag shelter designs.

DomeShelter, a shade and shelter solutions company based in the Western Australia offers a range of durable container shelter endwalls. These endwalls are suited for use with most container shelters, industrial post shelters or ag shelter designs.

Engineered to withstand the toughest remote conditions, the endwalls enclose, or partially enclose a dome shelter for added protection.

A Versatile Range

DomeShelter’s end walls are compatible with a versatile range of DomeShelter container shelters. Their endwalls come in three varieties:

  • Partial Endwalls – Partial endwalls cover the apex of the container shelter from the apex and across the top of the arch. Partial endwalls may require extra support across the span, using either a sea container or an additional column. They allow for maximum ventilation while providing additional protection from the weather.
  • Fully Enclosed Endwalls – Fully enclosed end walls are designed to enclose the entire end of a DomeShelter. They work best with shelters mounted on double stacked sea containers.
  • Fully Enclosed Endwalls with Doorways – Fully enclosed endwalls with doorways offer additional protection by enclosing an entire portion of the DomeShelter. This endwall design features a range of doorway designs, including a sliding curtain, a roll-up tarpaulin doorway, or a sheet-metal roll up door.

Endwalls may be customised to meet the needs of clients.

Cyclone Rated

Like all of DomeShelter’s products, their endwalls are manufactured to withstand Australian cyclones and storms. Their shelters are cyclone rated, offering superior quality storage or workplace shelter.

Their products may be used for any industry, including agriculture, aviation, mining and events. DomeShelter is up to 20% cooler than conventional steel sheds.

About DomeShelter

DomeShelter Australia is an established, family owned company that is dedicated to providing innovative shade and shelter solutions. They provide tough and functional products backed by excellent customer service.

For more information, http://www.domeshelter.com.au