Shipping containers are designed with durability in mind. The containers are rectangular metal structures that are usually 20- to 40- feet in length. They are critical to businesses that require mass shipments, providing dependable shelter for your products while in transit.

Despite being built to withstand tough environments, shipping containers also need some protection. Airborne salt, industrial pollutants and rain come in contact with the exteriors of your shipping containers each day. They are vulnerable to rust and corrosion, resulting in poor quality housing for your products.

Here are three ways you can maintain the quality of your shipping container:

Regular Inspection and Maintenance

One excellent way to prevent rust formation on your container is to inspect it on a regular basis. Walk around the structure to check if there are any fallen coating parts or if there is significant damage on the surface. If there are dents, be sure to address them. Dents can collect rain water and speed up the process of corrosion. The external shell of your shipping container must be maintained whenever necessary by professionals.

Coating Solution

A repaint is not enough to strengthen the surface of a freight container. Invest in thermal spray equipment that economically protects containers against corrosion. Other than its aesthetic benefits, the coating solution extends container service life with a sacrificial barrier that gives long-lasting protection to steel surfaces.

Shipping Container Shelters

Just like a roof to a house, a shelter will keep your shipping containers safe from the elements. DomeShelter Australia’s excellent selection of mounted shipping container sheds is engineered to withstand the rough conditions of any industry.

DomeShelter Australia is a leading specialist in robust shelters. Take a look at the other products on our website or call us on 1-800-653-351 for the solution to your container protection requirements.


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