DomeShelter™ Fabric ShelterDomeShelter - The Versatile Option for the Worksite

The DomeShelter™ range of Fabric Structures is designed to be resilient and maintenance-free wherever it is installed. It's an outstanding solution for heavy duty shelter needs and is particularly suited for use on worksites.

On any construction site, our fabric building infrastructure can serve a range of purposes. The simple but rugged design has the potential to be used wherever there is movement and storage of materials, people and equipment. Here, we detail the ways in which a DomeShelter can improve the efficiency of your worksite.

Warehouse for Materials

Materials for big projects are often delivered in large quantities. This influx can create storage problems. The alternative, however, to delay the delivery or make a series of smaller deliveries, can cause scheduling problems with the rest of the project. With a DomeShelter™ structure, you can stockpile as many materials as needed. For smaller projects, the 6m or 8m wide DomeShelter™ structures can be enough to store all needed materials. Additionally, your materials will be protected from direct exposure to sunlight and rain.

Storage for Equipment

Equipment can be an expensive investment for any construction company. Safeguarding it during a build is important. With a Container-Mounted DomeShelter™ fabric building, you will be able to provide reliable storage for your equipment that also protects it from the elements. In addition, it is possible to create completely enclosed storage spaces using the options of endwalls and door systems.

Cover for Machinery

Don't just park excavators or other heavy machines out in the sun — the light and heat may damage them!

DomeShelter™ structures come in a huge variety of sizes, and they can become an on-site garage for your heavy machinery. Once covered, they are also protected from the rain and other natural elements.

A Shelter for Work in Progress

Building a smaller project? Why not shield the entire worksite with a custom-designed DomeShelter™ enclosure while you work? We can specifically design to fulfil your needs! Putting your worksite under shelter makes conditions easier for your workers while protecting the materials you are currently working on.

There are many more potential applications for the DomeShelter™ solutions, providing an extensive, protected work or storage space. Easy to assemble and to transport, the DomeShelter™ Fabric-covered Building can be a key feature of your current project and will be reused for many projects in the future.

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