Like any successful product the staff have noticed a number of DomeShelter™ look-a-likes around the place... 

To help you decipher the Genuine DomeShelter™ the company has started including the words “100% Genuine DomeShelter™” within our branding… including the words ‘DomeShelter’ within the packaging and framework.

Please be aware if the purchased shelter is imported from overseas make sure it is engineered to australian compliance regulations and it comes with back up support to ensure your shelter is always 100% operational..

 Talk to us now by calling 1800 653 351 or for our international customers +61 8 9690 1100 - customer service | Frequently Asked Questions 


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Allowing you to answer questions like..
  • The international success of the DomeShelterTM range
  • Case studies of different industry leaders using these 'Fabric Structures'
  • Different Models, including the dimensions and Wind Requirements
  • Common questions our customers ask
  • Should I choose a 'Fabric Structures' or a Conventional
  • From placing an order through to installation what are the steps...


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