Conatiner Mounted Dome Shelter

Finding a solution to the harsh sun in the Pilbara

In Western Australia's Pilbara region, most things are huge. However, sometimes bigger is not necessarily better. At Citic Pacific Mining Sino Iron Ore project, 100km south-west of Karratha, this small Container Mounted Fabric Shelter is doing a mighty job. Staff safety and equipment protection are paramount.

Set-up to provide critical cover for cranes and access equipment, which would otherwise be subject to the brutal temperatures of the Pilbara region.

The fabrics used by DomeShelter Australia are highly UV resistant and capable of withstanding years of exposure to the harsh sun of the North West. Obviously, this neat looking set-up is also engineered to withstand Region D Cyclonic winds up to 316kmh!

Key advantages to Citic Pacific of a DomeShelter™ Fabric Shelter

  • Faster; from design to installation is quick
  • Transportable; Can be transported to site with ease
  • Installation; easily and quickly installed by on-site teams
  • Relocatable; Can be dismantled just as easily to shift across site or off site.
  • Brighter; uses natural light during day, no need for artificial lights

The use of Fabric Shelters in the mining sector has accelerated in the past decade as the industry sees the proven benefits. DomeShelter Australia's structures are now trusted by the worlds largest mining companies in Australia and across the world.

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