Why is Fabric more tempting than Steel

When you purchase a fabric covered structure, you expect the fabric won’t let you down, right? Whether it be fire, cyclonic winds, general wear-and-tear, harsh UV rays, or even an accidental graze, you not only require the tarp to be rugged and durable enough to handle the knocks of industry, but also to have long lasting endurance to give years of trouble-free service.


The DomeShelter™ Fabrics:

The tear-resistant option blocks 100% of UV rays making it the perfect choice for workshop and storage use.

Featuring a tensile strength of 2254 Newton’s, it is among the toughest materials in the fabric industry, giving you an ultra-tough resistance at minimal cost. Using a tear-stop woven scrim, exclusive to DomeShelter Australia, it allows the tough option to combat general wear and tear especially experienced in frequent re-installation of shelters.


Fire-Resistant Fabric

The unique fire-resistant option offers an opaque option which emits small amounts of light while maintaining the area underneath truly waterproof. Made from heavy-duty polyethylene, it boasts a tensile strength of 2074 Newton's backed-up by a 10 year manufacturers UV warranty. With these specifications, you can have peace-of-mind that your tarp will withstand extreme weather while providing ideal conditions for bulk storage where sensitive materials can be safeguarded.

You will find seven features and benefits when using a Genuine DomeShelter™ fabric:

  • Brighter: No need for artificial lighting - Natural light is easier on our bodies
  • Lighter: Less strain on steel membrane - A longer lasting shelter solution
  • Cooler: Up to 20% cooler than a conventional steel shed - Less strain on your employees
  • Stronger: Tearing strength of up to 382 Newton's  - Less prone to general wear-and-tear damage
  • Quieter: Fabric absorbs sound waves - A solution that is easier to work under
  • Cheaper: Up to ¼ of the price of a steel alternative - You get more for less
  • Longer: Backed by manufacturer's 10 year warranty - You’re guaranteed the best protection

Our carefully selected and proven fabrics both offer superior quality, durability and performance in the harsh Australian climates. Whether it be fire-retardant or tear-resistant, you are sure to find some of Australia’s toughest fabric materials in our factory


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